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Photography by Dr. Padval

To Prevent Cavities…

Don't filter out fluoride! In the years since fluoride first was added to city water supplies, dentists have seen tooth decay in kids cut in half. Fluoride really works! If you've got youngsters at home, make sure they get all the decay-fighting fluoride they need. There's nothing wrong with home water filtration systems or bottled drinking water. But it's possible the fluoride has been filtered out– or kids are receiving none at all. A safe, effective fluoride level is 0.7 mg per liter. If [...]

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Fluoride—You Never Outgrow Your Need

You grew up with fluoride. Your teeth show it in the very fact that you still have them. Before 1945, by the time your nest was empty, your mouth was often empty as well. But when cities began adding it to water supplies, tooth decay took a nose dive. Most of us never gave it a second thought, just turned on the tap and downed the cure. Fluoride reverses the demineralization of your teeth. It strengthens them, prevents plaque and caries, wards off gum disease [...]

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