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Popcorn Dangers

Dental Problems From Popcorn Popcorn is a great tasty snack. There's nothing like warm buttery popcorn to accompany a movie or while binge-watching your favorite TV show. However, popcorn can cause a real danger to teeth in several ways. Uncooked kernels can be extremely tough. Accidentally biting down on one can cause cracks, chips, or tooth fracture. Partially cooked kernels may appear to be a nice soft piece, only to be hard and unyielding. To avoid possible injury, pour out the bag to sort [...]

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Simple Dental Resolutions in 2016

A new year, a blank page. For most, it's the perfect opportunity to make Resolutions. Nobody ever resolves "to feel guilty after failing to keep resolutions." Yet that's the one we actually keep! How to avoid making this resolution business an empty self-promise? How about narrowing it to just one? Make it something you CAN achieve and, most importantly, WANT to achieve. Psychological researchers find resolutions pan out when motivation comes from within instead of without ("my spouse wants me to lose weight"). Then [...]

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