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Dental X-Rays: Learn What They Do

X-Rays Are Critical Dental Technology Getting dental X-Rays is a vital part of both your appointment and your dental care in general. You may not need them every six months, but we may require a new series if you haven't had any taken recently, to prepare for treatment, or when any significant changes in your mouth have taken place. To schedule a dental checkup in Sacramento, CA, contact our office today at (916) 483-5900. Types of X-Rays Dental X-Rays come in a few varieties, [...]

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Dental X-ray FAQs

Why do I need X-rays? X-rays, or radiographic examinations, provide us with an important tool that shows the condition of your teeth, its roots, jaw placement, and the overall composition of your facial bones. X-rays can help determine the presence or degree of periodontal disease, abscesses, and many abnormal growths, such as cysts and tumors. X-rays also can show the exact location of impacted and unerupted teeth. They can pinpoint the location of cavities and other signs of disease that may not be possible [...]

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