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Dental X-Rays: Learn What They Do

X-Rays Are Critical Dental Technology Getting dental X-Rays is a vital part of both your appointment and your dental care in general. You may not need them every six months, but we may require a new series if you haven't had any taken recently, to prepare for treatment, or when any significant changes in your mouth have taken place. To schedule a dental checkup in Sacramento, CA, contact our office today at (916) 483-5900. Types of X-Rays Dental X-Rays come in a few varieties, [...]

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Dental X-Rays: Get the Real Picture!

Critical for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning X-rays help pinpoint problems and avoid further complications. People are often concerned that they're receiving too much radiation from X-rays, so it's important to understand why the benefits of X-rays (taken at reasonable intervals) far outweigh the concerns! The purpose of X-rays is to pinpoint problems and avoid further complications. Without them, we couldn't find decay under fillings or between teeth, we couldn't find abscesses or tumors in gums and bone, and we couldn't detect faulty development of [...]

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