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Athletic Mouthguards

Custom-fitted Mouthguards in Sacramento, CA Mouthguards can protect teeth during contact sports and other risky activities. Accidents happen... and dental injuries during athletic competition are an all-too-common occurrence. Once a tooth is cracked, broken—or worse, knocked out—there's no going back. It's for keeps. The National Institute of Dental Research reports a dramatic drop in mouth and face injuries to football-players since the 1960s, largely due to rules established requiring the use of mouthguards and headgear. However, of the sports with most youth participants (baseball/softball [...]

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“Guard” Your Teenager

Against Tooth Damage Let's face it; kids, sports, and the typical teenage sense of invulnerability make a pretty risky combination. Once a tooth is cracked, broken—or worse, knocked out—there's no going back. It's for keeps. If your child is involved in any sports activity (even a pickup basketball game) a well-fitting mouthguard is the least expensive, most effective insurance you can have. There are three general types of mouthguard: Stock or Pre-formed. Inexpensive, yes. But one-size-fits-all usually means one-size-fits-nobody. And the mouthguard that sits [...]

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Choosing Teeth Whitening

Ever since the invention of the mirror, people have been looking for an easy way to have whiter teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits help by removing stains and deposits on the surface of the teeth. But for those patients whose teeth have dark, yellow or other internal discolorations, teeth whitening may be the answer. At about age thirty, there is a natural tendency for tooth color to dim, and if you smoke or overindulge in coffee or soda, darkening can be dramatic. [...]

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