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Dental Checkup: Schedule Yours Today

Protect Your Health with a Dental Checkup Don't put it off any longer. Have you been neglecting your dental care? Is it past time for a dental checkup? If so, consider choosing Diamond Dental of Sacramento in Sacramento, CA. We don't play blame games or shame you for your dental health. On the contrary, we're here to help make you feel good about your smile! Call us today at (916) 483-5900. When you come to our office, we'll discuss your dental care and essential [...]

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How Often Do I Need a Checkup?

Make time for your T.L.C. That's Tender Loving Checkup! Routine, regular examinations let us catch tooth decay and periodontal disease before they cause major damage to your teeth... and saves you the added expense and discomfort of more complex dental treatment. For most of our patients, we recommend a checkup every six months, but there's nothing "magic" about that interval. Some need cleanings more frequently while others may not need to come in so often. Some mouths build up more tartar than others while [...]

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