Photography by Dr. Padval

Get your Smile Check-Up!

Barring injury, your sturdy white teeth should remain healthy and intact for the rest of your life. But just like your car's engine, which needs its regular oil & lube to keep purring smoothly, your mouth needs a thorough once-over as well. We'll review your dental history, clean your teeth, evaluate gum tissue, and screen for oral cancer. This will ensure that teeth and gum problems are discovered early and nipped in the bud. Some people naturally create more plaque and develop more cavities [...]

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Prevention is Your Best Protection

If you're like the rest of us, now that belt-tightening is the "new normal," you may already be eating more meals at home, dropping subscriptions, vacationing closer to home. You may also be tempted to cut back on your dental care. But think it over. If a problem has surfaced with your oral health, nipping it in the bud is a big money saver. Letting it go can mean big, costly—and sometimes painful—treatment down the line. You're smarter than that. During your appointment, we'll [...]

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