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Do You Have Dental Insurance?

Get to Know Your Insurance Plan! And call us if you have any questions. Dental insurance comes in many varieties, so every patient should examine their contract, read all the terms carefully, and see how it shapes up! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our office at (916) 483-5900. What to Know About Dental Insurance Dental insurance differs from regular health insurance on a very basic level. Whereas medical mostly covers the treatment after illness or injury has occurred, dental [...]

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The Plus Sides of Fluoride

As a direct result of fluoridation, dental health in our part of the world turned around dramatically. The improvement is evident in our children, fluoride in our water reduces tooth decay in children by 50 percent. Why then, are some put off by the idea of fluoride? It's true that excessive levels of fluoride can actually damage tooth enamel—too much of any good thing is too much. But continuing research, down to the molecular level, proves the bottom line: fluoride is good for us. [...]

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Expiring Dental Insurance Benefits?

Use Them or Lose Them! What if someone gave you free money to spend on improving your smile? With one string attached: use it all by New Years', or lose it. Well, for those fortunate enough to have insurance, be sure to take advantage of your plan's benefits before they expire at the end of the year. Most dental insurance policies have a dollar limit to the amount of treatment provided over the calendar year. Benefit money not used by December 31 is NOT [...]

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Why to Use Dental Insurance by the New Year

If you have dental insurance, then be sure to get the most out of your coverage by using it before the year's end. Especially when your deductible has already been met for the calendar year, go for all the dentistry you can squeeze out of your policy before benefits expire. With a little planning—we'll help—we can complete your present treatment plan long before you're facing a new deductible. Another common situation is if your insurance plan has a maximum allowable benefit for the calendar [...]

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A Dental Insurance Reminder

Before you ring in the New Year, remember that a new insurance benefit period will also be starting in January. If your insurance plan has a maximum allowable benefit for the calendar year (and many plans do), you can maximize your dollar benefits by properly using the time at the end of the year. Take advantage of your annual allocated cleanings. or if you need or desire a specific dental treatment, see us before the end of the current benefit period.

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