Photography by Dr. Padval

Learning More About Cracked Teeth

Every tooth fracture's an emergency. Unfortunately, some are too tiny to be spotted by even a trained eye. We call it Cracked Tooth Syndrome. A patient shows up with a "mouthful of pain." Something's wrong somewhere, but which tooth? It could even be a hairline crack in an apparently healthy, cavity-free molar. Most cracks tend to be superficial, involving only part of the crown and a bit of the root structure. With a fast and effective procedure, direct bonding, the small fracture can be [...]

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A Bright, Healthy Smile

With Simple Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento A bright smile is your most appealing and expressive feature. It projects a positive attitude and high self-esteem—which translates into success in school, business, and your personal life. The face is the most critical and integral aspect of your body image. Not surprisingly, the teeth are important in composing that image. Apart from the complex physical composition of the smile, the psychological value of a bright smile cannot be ignored. A person with a poor smile may suffer [...]

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