tooth stains

Photography by Dr. Padval

Tooth Stains: What Foods Cause Them?

Your favorite food and drink may be causing tooth stains. For most of us, tooth stains are a continuous battle. The best way to keep teeth white is to brush and floss twice a day. Then, make sure you see a dentist regularly for preventative checkups and cleanings (usually recommended every six months). As well as your day-to-day oral hygiene, you can prevent tooth stains at home by avoiding some of the food and drink most likely to cause them. At the very least, [...]

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Why Do Teeth Change Color?

Tooth Color Changes with Age & Use Find out what simple cosmetic dentistry can do to help! Our teeth start out white, but they naturally change color due to aging and with everyday use. While teeth typically grow darker and begin to yellow at around age 30, this can happen much sooner without proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups to remove buildup. Part of this process is strictly physical. Teeth, like bone, are complex—part living and changing, part fixed in time. The hard [...]

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