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Pierced Problems

A Pierced Tongue, Lip, or Cheek A pierced body part may be essential to your style, but if it involves the mouth, it may not be the best choice in regards to your oral health. If you do have a piercing or are thinking about getting one, make sure you consider the potential effects and make an informed decision. Might be a dental hazard! Initially, getting any piercing causes trauma, and (because it is an open wound) there is always a risk of infection. [...]

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The Battle of the Thumb

What's Wrong with Sucking Your Thumb? Most parents of preschoolers are engaged in the "battle of the thumb." The thumb usually wins hands down. Continuous pressure on teeth from sucking can affect bone growth or even change the shape of the roof of the mouth. Upper teeth are sometimes pushed out while bottom teeth are pushed in. Speech and swallowing may also be affected. What's a parent to do? Generally, a positive approach is the best defense in helping your child conquer the habit. [...]

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What Did You Say?

We've all heard young children speak "baby talk." Sometimes it can sound endearing—or it may be a speech defect. In early infancy, babies begin to make vowel sounds, usually mastered by age three. Consonant sounds are more difficult and come a little later on. By the eighth birthday, most children can pronounce all consonants and are 100% intelligible. But some children have more difficulty with speech and may need help learning. Lisping—The most common speech defect is lisping, which is relatively easy to correct. [...]

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