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Nervous When it Comes to Dentistry?

If You Have a Dental Fear Let's say you visit the dentist faithfully, and enjoy a high level of health. And yet, just before an appointment, you experience sweaty palms, increased heart rate, and you feel jittery and nervous. You—and 150 million other people—have a touch of dental fear. Dentistry today, with all the benefits of technology and technique, is virtually pain-free. So why are we jumpy? Lots of reasons. Maybe a bad experience from long ago lingers in the memory. Families can also [...]

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Dental Phobia

Not in my mouth you don't! The bad thing about dental phobia is that it prevents people from seeking the care they need—when they need it. The good thing about it is that, today, we can treat fear as successfully as we treat tooth decay or crooked teeth. Over six million people experience some degree of anxiety when they visit the dentist. Two million dental patients are just plain scared, so scared that they suffer shaking, confusion, heart palpitations and changes in speech and [...]

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A Cure for Dental Embarrassment

Are you avoiding the dentist because you’re afraid of the scolding you’re going to get for neglecting your teeth? Unfortunately, too many people feel this way. At our office, we don’t play guilt games. We’re more concerned with treating your needs, regardless of how long it’s been since you’ve seen a dentist. We understand how fear and embarrassment can create a cycle of procrastination. You might just be amazed at how quick, simple and, yes, pain-free 21st Century dentistry has become! We have all [...]

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