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Help Yourself to a Healthy Pregnancy

Oral Health can be Compromised During Pregnancy It used to be conventional wisdom that a woman would lose a tooth for each child that she had. Thankfully with modern dentistry this is no longer true, but there's some factual basis for it. Your teeth and gums are affected by pregnancy, just as other tissues in your body. Managing Perio During Pregnancy The more we learn about periodontal (gum) disease, the more of a threat it appears to pose to the entire body, not just [...]

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Oral Health Tips when Having a Baby

You've got the glow of a mother-to-be. Keep it with these tips for better oral health for you and your baby. Now you're eating (and brushing, flossing and keeping dental appointments) for two. Make an appointment at the outset of your pregnancy for a healthy head start and advice on changes that could lead to dental problems. Hormonal changes can lead to diet changes, for a famous example, and morning sickness acids can threaten tooth enamel. Schedule non-emergency dental care for the fourth to [...]

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