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Tooth Tips For Babysitters

Helpful Tips For Babysitters (And Parents!) A sleepless child is a babysitter's nightmare. To keep babies or young children sleeping soundly (and safely) keep these tips in mind: Bedtime Fussing? Could Be Teething. If the baby is under three and fussing, it could be teething pains. You can ease some of the discomforts by rubbing the baby's gums with a wet gauze pad. Also, a chilled teething ring can soothe tender gums and help lead to sleep. DON'T Bed Baby With A Bottle. A [...]

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Avoiding the Dentist?

Break the Cycle! Have you been avoiding the dentist due to fear or anxiety? Or has it been so long that you're embarrassed or ashamed? At our practice, we promise to never "guilt-trip" or scold you about your teeth. Instead, we simply focus on positive change to our patients' health, and you'll find that our caring approach is very accommodating to those with dental fears or anxiety. Take a look at some of our tips on how to deal with a dental phobia, and [...]

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