Photography by Dr. Padval

A Bright, Healthy Smile

With Simple Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento A bright smile is your most appealing and expressive feature. It projects a positive attitude and high self-esteem—which translates into success in school, business, and your personal life. The face is the most critical and integral aspect of your body image. Not surprisingly, the teeth are important in composing that image. Apart from the complex physical composition of the smile, the psychological value of a bright smile cannot be ignored. A person with a poor smile may suffer [...]

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Regular Check-Ups

Come on in for a check-up, we’re happy to see you again! We enjoy catching up with the news in your life—and we pride ourselves on providing you that "stitch in time" that can prevent trouble. If a problem is developing in your mouth, we like to catch it while it's small. It's not just tooth decay, although that's where we look first. Then we'll check for early signs of gum disease, now linked to some serious—even fatal —diseases. Most of you have been [...]

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