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Replace a missing or damaged tooth.

You’ve probably heard of a dental bridge, but unless you’ve had one yourself, you may not know precisely what it entails. A bridge is a replacement option for a missing tooth or a tooth that has too extensive damage to be effectively repaired.

We will always do what we can to save your natural tooth, repairing it with cavity fillings, inlays, onlays, or a dental crown. However, when those are not an option, a dental bridge can provide an excellent replacement.

It works by preparing the two or more surrounding teeth (called the abutment). These teeth receive a dental crown, acting as a firm anchor to attach the replacement tooth. In this way, we can replace one or more badly damaged or missing teeth. Patients sometimes referred to this restoration as a partial or fixed partial, but it’s all the same to us!

After you have received a dental bridge, it will require a small amount of extra care. Specifically, you may need a floss threader to clean the bridge properly.

With excellent at-home care, there’s no reason that your dental bridge cannot last up to 10 years or more. Should you need more teeth replaced, it is always possible to extend the bridge on either side.

Furthermore, there are additional options to replace missing teeth you can discuss with your dentist. These may include a partial denture (which is removable) and dental implants that are firmly held in place permanently.

Make the right choice and get stability back in your bite! Contact us today for a consultation on dental bridges.