Implant Dentures

Implant dentures

Implant Dentures Sacramento, CA

Implant dentures give you the strongest possible hold.

Middle-aged couple smilingDentures can be perfect replacements for people who have lost all their natural teeth, but they are not ideal for everyone. Most problems reported by denture wearers concern loose fit, with dentures constantly slipping out of place. For these individuals, we recommends implant-retained dentures as a better solution because they create the strongest possible hold on the denture plate. Diamond Dental of Sacramento is one of the leading dental practices in Sacramento, CA who perform the implant-retained dentures procedure.

He begins by sedating you before implanting two titanium screws into the upper jaw. The exposed parts of the implants are connected with a small bar, and the procedure is repeated to prepare for the lower denture. Through a process called Osseointegration, the bones slowly grow into the grooves of the implant, making a strong, permanent hold. The connecting bars hold the dentures in place by fastening onto an equivalent piece on the denture plate. Implant dentures are able to withstand heavy chewing, they function completely normally, and they provide the closest possible feel to natural teeth. They are the perfect solution to missing teeth, so if you are in Antelope or Sacramento, contact our office for a consultation to see whether implant dentures are the correct procedure for you.