Tooth Extractions Sacramento, CA

Remove decayed or infected teeth.

Woman with mouth painYou might think extracting a tooth goes against the goal of a restorative procedure, and it’s true that it is somewhat counter intuitive to remove a tooth in order to restore function. Diamond Dental of Sacramento is committed to doing everything possible to save a natural tooth, but in some cases it is in the best interest of the patient to completely remove it. Examples of such instances are tooth decay that has progressed too far to reverse or in preparation for dentures or dental implants.

Dr. William J. Black is very gentle and skilled at tooth extractions, and at our Sacramento, CA office, it is a relatively simple and quick procedure. While the patient is mildly sedated, Dr. Black will use dental forceps to rock the tooth in order to break the connective ligaments so that the tooth is released. For tooth extractions in the Sacramento area, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Diamond Dental of Sacramento.